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Breaking the Silence - Music in Afghanistan

Songlines Films/MWTV

Documentary | Production Company Songlines Films/MWTV (UK) | Executive Producer Carl Simons | Director Simon Broughton | Camera John Beck | Author Simon Broughton, Mike Wooldridge | TV Distribution Songlines Films/MWTV | Recorded 2002 | Duration 60'

Filmed in Kabul and in Peshawar, Pakistan in January, as well as with the Ensemble Kabul in Geneva, "Breaking the Silence” tells the story of the return of music to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. Their almost total banning of music is unprecedented in musical history, but during the former regimes of the Mujaheddin and the Soviets, music was caught in the political crossfire. Music in Afghanistan could be a matter of life and death. The film tells some personal stories of how people coped, and looks at the strong Sufi culture in the country where music and Islam meet. With powerful performances, the film documents the story of music at a crucial moment in Afghanistan’s history.

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